Social Media Management Opportunities

Each client will have a unique set of needs, adjustments are made accordingly. Options for project-based opportunities will require a consultation and a quote free of charge.

Service PackagesPrice
Set up fee$150
1 Account (2.5 hours/week)
Details: 1 Custom image
20 Social Posts
2-3 Accounts (5 hours/week)
Details: 3 Custom Images
30 Social Posts
3-4 Accounts (10 hours/week)
Details: 6 Custom Images
45 Social Posts
Additional ServicesPrice
Graphic Design (avg. 5 hours)
Details: Brochures, Flyers etc.
Social Media Content Creation
Details: Social media posts, stories,
videos, carousels
*Digital Ad Campaign Creation
Details: Per campaign, does not include
on going management & advertising

*Set up (1 time- lifetime fee)
Management 4-6 weeks (optional)
Quote Available
Social Media Training
Details: 2-hour session. DIY
approach, you will feel equipped
to run your own social media
accounts with tools, and basic
advertisement tools.
Social Media Account Set upQuote Available
Account Customer